Shape Face drawing cutout making creative activity

Shape face

A face drawing and cutout activity

1+ players
Pen and paper

Aim of the activity

Make faces using only the 3 shapes

Have you noticed how even the simplest shapes can remind us of faces? See how many different types of faces and expressions you can make using only a circle, triangle and line.
how to play
Draw the faces
Try drawing the same faces as the picture at the top of the page using only a circle, a triangle and a line. Easy huh!
Experiment with size
Try making some of the shapes smaller and some bigger. How does that look?
Try cutting the shapes out
Ask a parent to help with this bit. Draw lots of the 3 shapes in different sizes and cut them out or use this printable activity sheet

Now mix them up!
Move the shapes around and mix them up. Hey presto, you made lots of new faces!

How do your faces look?
What expressions do your faces have? Are they happy, sad, angry, asleep?

Share your faces
Share your photos in the Facebook group the Facebook group. Our favourites get added to this page!

Face making activity downloads

Cut out the shapes and mix up the sizes to create lots of different expressions and faces.

Some tips

  • Try making the shapes out of paper, cutting them out and moving them around. We've made this Shape face activity sheet to print
  • Try using different sizes of the same shapes and mix them up. How does that change the expressions on the faces?
  • Try using all circles, all triangles or all lines. What does the face look like?
  • Try drawing one of the shapes really big to make a head, then use the smaller shapes as the features.
  • If you're feeling adventurous, you could even try making a stop motion film.
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