Can you use a popular board game to invent a new game?
We've all got board games at home. But if we knew nothing about the game and didn't read the rules, how might we play?
the challenge
Can you use a popular board game to invent a new game?
What if the game wasn't about getting rich or being the first to the end or solving the murder, but the complete opposite of that. What if you only used the board and invented new counters and cards to play with? How might you play?

Have you already created a game like this, or used an existing board game as a starting point or even come up with your own board game from scratch? We want your amazing game ideas for everyone to play.
Hints and tips to get started
  • Could you use only the board and make up completely new rules, using new invented counters or objects?
  • What else could the pictures and words on the board mean?
  • Turn the game on its head and make it an opposite version. What if the aim of the game was to give away all your money and property?
  • Could you remove the board and just use the money or the tokens for a new game?
  • Could the tokens be used for a new storytelling game?
Game guidelines
We really love games that...
  • Build creative confidence
  • Spark imagination
  • Encourage curiosity
  • Make us smile
Need more information see our full game guidelines

Need some inspiration
See some of our favourite games families made, or check out how how other people are doing it in our Facebook group.
How to share your ideas
Share photos and videos of your new game on the Facebook Group
The best games will get added to this website for everyone to see!
games you made
You made some amazing games. Here are a few of our favourites that were shared by our Facebook Community
Game guidelines
If your game ticks at least one of these boxes you might be on for a Bored Games seal of approval.
Build creative confidence
Examples might be role-play or games that involve speaking, storytelling.
Encourage curiosity
Seeking out new or re-discovering things. Finding inspiration in unexpected places. Seeing the world in a different way.
Example of a game that encourage curiosity
Spark imagination
Games that encourage people to use their imagination, for instance with things around the home
Make us smile
Please don't get serious. Spread some joy and laughter with your ideas.
See what other families are making, collaborate and play
Share your idea with other Bored Gamers in our Facebook group and see how others enjoy playing it.
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