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A memory game with objects

by The VICTORY Family
2+ players
Pen and paper
Household objects
Eagle eyes

Aim of the game

Remember the most objects correctly (without cheating!)

We've all got thousands of objects in our houses. Let's make use of them.

game preparation

Before you start, please follow the game preparation instructions below
The tray master cartoon illustration of yellow hand holding a red tray in the air
Step 1

Decide the traymaster

Decide one person to prepare the game. Usually best for this to be an older child or an adult.
You will need a tray or something flat to hold the objects and something to cover them such as a towel or tea-towel.

Cartoon illustrations of collected objects red and blue striped sock spoon smartphone pencil pack of cards tape
Step 2

Collect 10-15 smallish objects

Small enough to fit on the tray. For example:
•Pack of cards
•A phone
•A pea
•Nose hair clippers
•Smelly sock

Cartoon illustration of a red tray with objects covered in a yellow towel so the objects are hidden
Step 3

Prepare the tray

Lay them on the tray so each one is visible but covered with a towel

    how to play

    Hand out paper and pens
    Tell everyone how many objects there are and ask them to number their sheet of paper ready for their answers.
    Reveal the objects
    Remove the towel and pick up the objects one by one, saying out loud what it is.
    Hide the objects
    Place the towel back over the objects and start a timer for a 2 minutes (less if you want to be mean!)
    Times up!
    Reveal the objects and pick them up one at a time and tell everyone what the objects are. If you wanted to make this educational, maybe each object has a story of invention?
    Who's the winner?
    The person or team with the most correct guesses!
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