Human Shapes drawing activity to make different body shapes and contortions by Bored Games

Human shapes

A body shape doodling activity

1+ players
Pen and paper

Aim of the activity

Experiment with character and body shapes

Standing still is boring. Let's make shapes. Human shapes.

how to play

Draw a shape
Try and keep the shapes simple to begin, maybe a circle, triangle or square . If you want, copy the shape above to start with.
Draw a body
Can you draw a trapped person that fits inside the shape?

Try drawing 5 more the same way
How many different shaped bodies can you fit inside the same shape?

Make your own shapes
Try drawing shapes with lots more sides, make them curvy, make them spiky, give your shape a wobbly edge. Go for it.

Share your drawings
Share your photos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. Our favourites will be added to this page!

Some tips

  • Where will their head be?
  • Do they have a wobbly body?
  • Are they skinny and long or wide and short?
  • Do they have hair or even a hat that makes a funny shape?
  • Do they have gigantic feet and a small body?
  • Do they have long fingers and toes?
  • Stuck for shape ideas? Look around you. There are shapes everywhere. Try copying the shape of an object you can see then drawing a person inside.
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