Week 1 invention challenge

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Hoppy Easter

A traditional game re-invention challenge
How might you re-invent the Easter Egg Hunt?
Could you create an Easter egg hunt without chocolate eggs? Or, perhaps for a family living far away from each other playing over Zoom? What does your new game look like and how will people play?
Hints and tips to get started
  • If you didn't have any chocolate or eggs - what might you hide? Could you make something?
  • What if you only had one room, what would you do? Make a miniature hunt?
  • What if you weren't looking for eggs but tracking the Easter bunny? What clues might you create? Bunny poo? Paw prints?
  • Could you make a hunt for someone to play over Facetime / Houseparty / Zoom?
  • What if you weren't allowed to use your eyes to find the hidden objects? What if you could only use your sense of smell?
  • What if you were looking for pieces of a puzzle?
Game guidelines
Try and make sure your game ticks one of our game guideline boxes:
  • Build creative confidence
  • Spark imagination
  • Encourage curiosity
  • Make us smile
Need more information see our full game guidelines

Need some inspiration
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How to share your ideas
Share photos and videos of your new game on the Facebook Group
The best games will get added to this website for everyone to see!
Are you ready to share your game with the world?
Share with other Bored Gamers on our Facebook group and see how others enjoy playing it. We'll be choosing our favourite and most popular games to appear on this website.
Game guidelines
If your game ticks at least one of these boxes you might be on for a Bored Games seal of approval.
Build creative confidence
Examples might be role-play or games that involve speaking, storytelling.
Encourage curiosity
Seeking out new or re-discovering things. Finding inspiration in unexpected places. Seeing the world in a different way.
Example of a game that encourage curiosity
Spark imagination
Games that encourage people to use their imagination, for instance with things around the home
Make us smile
Please don't get serious. Spread some joy and laughter with your ideas.
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