Gobbledegook silly language invention game by Bored Games


A silly language invention game

1+ players

Aim of the game

See how long you can last without laughing

If you could invent a new silly language what would it be? Would it use sounds or actions? Could you communicate with other people in your family like that? How long can you last?

how to play

Just start
Open your mouth or move your body and see what happens! How does it sound? How do the movements feel?
Can you talk to someone?
See if you can get other people involved. How might you ask someone a question in your new language?

How long can you last?
Can you last 10 minutes? How about an hour, or even the whole day!

Share your silly videos
Share your photos and videos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. The funniest ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • Does your language have any strange sounds that English doesn't? (Some tribes in Africa use clicking as part of their language)
  • Does your language have any actions?
  • Which part of your body does your language use to communicate with others? Your arms, just your eyes, your fingers, your toes? That's weird!
  • Does your language use sounds and actions together?
  • Think about how asking a question might sound?
  • Try throwing a few random english words in amongst the gobbledegook.
  • If you don't have someone to 'talk' to, just talk to yourself in the mirror - we do!
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