Getting to know me drawing and writing activity about your likes and dislikes by Bored Games

Getting to know me

A drawing activity about YOU

1+ players
Pen and paper

Aim of the activity

Get to know yourself a little better

Start thinking about what makes you, you. What you like and what you don't like. How your differences make you unique and amazing. Imagine if everybody was the same life would be soooo BORING!

Maybe you love Pizza? Yum! How about swimming? Yay! Being silly? Yes! (us too!). What about the things you don't like. Bogies? Yuck! Dad's smelly farts? Urgh, gross!

how to play

Get a piece of paper
Take a piece of paper and draw a line right down the middle. Now you have two sides to draw in.
One one side write LOVE
You can write this or even make a Woodle if you like. See this drawing activity for more info

Draw your LOVES
Now write down all the things you can think of that you love and draw each one! If you love Pizza, draw a pizza!

Do the same for things you don't like.
Use the other side of the line for this. You could label it Don't like, Yucky, or Gross. However you feel.

What did you learn?
Did you think of anything that surprised you? Did you think of anything that made you laugh?
Share your drawings
Share your photos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. The loveliest and yuckiest ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • What Christmas or birthday presents did you get that you really loved?
  • Do you have any funny memories from holidays?
  • What's your favourite food and what's the most disgusting thing you've eaten?
  • What's the most yawningly boring thing in the world?
  • Who are your favourite people in the whole world?
  • Any smells you don't like?
  • Whats your favourite colour?
  • Are there any games or activities that you really love?
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