Funnylicious word making activity box by Bored Games


A recipe for making new words

1+ players
Pen and paper
Books and magazines

Aim of the activity

Invent a funnylicious word

Funnylicious. A lot of funny with a dash of delicious.

Have you ever said a word wrong? Or accidentally mixed two words together and it sounded funny? It happens to everyone, it's just the way our brains work sometimes.

That's what this activity is all about. Making up words. Funnylicious words.

how to play

Flick through some magazines
Take a look through some books or magazines and spot some words you like the sound of.
Write the words down
Leave some space around each word as you'll be cutting them out. You'll need lots of words, try collecting at least 20.
Cut the words up
Ask a parent to help with this bit. Try cutting them up leaving the nice sounding endings, like -LICIOUS, -OODLE, -ING.

Now mix them up!
Move the word pieces around joining them to other word pieces. You can also try adding a word ending to a full word like STAMPEDE-OODLE. Hey presto, you made a new word!

Made some funny words?
Did you make any words that you really loved? You could try this funny woodling activity next
Share your words
Share your photos in the Facebook group the Facebook group. The most funnylicious ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • Try collecting a mixture of words with different endings, -icious, -ing, -ful, -ation, -ition
  • Pick words that you think have a funny sound like doodle, pong, whiff etc
  • You can also try adding a word ending to a full word like we did with 'FUNNY-LICIOUS'
  • Didn't make any funnylicious words on the first go? Collect more words and go again!
  • Now you know about the activity, if you ever hear someone accidentally say a funnylicious word, make sure you write it down!
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